Dave Dostie - MSB, MSHR, MBA

Dave is a self-taught Maine-based photographer where he balances full-time commitments to careers in photography and government finance.   When he’s not out capturing Maine’s dynamic landscapes, his primary focus is refined to that of editorial photography with a specialized interest in documentary and lifestyle work from a photojournalistic approach.  His passion for telling stories through his photographs is what he finds to be most rewarding.  His main objective when photographing is to celebrate positivity whether it be through documenting amazing people, beautiful landscapes, or unique events.  Aside from good light and proper exposure, it’s his opinion that emotion is what connects someone to an image – this is the balance he tries to create within each and every photograph.  Dave’s been a contributing photographer to Maine Magazine since 2013 covering many of their sponsored events and festivals along with photographing food and eateries across the state.